Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm SO EXCITED!!! Asos has FINALLY launched its plus size line, ASOS Curve! :D

I've been keeping track of the previews sent to other bloggers and couldn't wait for certain items, like the gorgeous oversized blazer seen on Saks in the City's review. Unfortunately, the launch didn't include that item--according to the ASOS Twitter feed though, they'll be adding items over the next few weeks. For now, they have a good selection of basics, including skinny jeans, T's, and leggings. For me though, I am most interested in seeing their cute dresses! I'm not a huge fan of their 2 print dresses, but a few of the solids drew my interest.

Some of the items that most interested me were:

I Love the style of this top, and i happen to think it's one of the collections more fashion-forward items, but i worry that the sash going across the waist wouldn't be flattering. The model seems to rock it well though! I love that the black trim is continued on the huge kimono sleeve!

Gold Button Detail Dress: $47.59

I love this--I had actually thought about buying this dress from their regular line cause I loved it so much! It's comfy looking and i love the combination of blue and gold.

I love this dress! I spend all my time working these days and I feel like this would be a great piece to go from day to night! Most of ASOS Curve's dresses have high necklines, but I'm definitely a lower neckline kind of girl (not in a trashy way though, I promise!)

Tailored Pencil Pencil Dress: $47.59

I love the simplicity of this dress! It also seems to really flatter the waist. Cute! I'd love to wear this to work with a cute and classy statement necklace!

Long Leather Biker Jacket: $169.97

I love this jacket! It's all sorts of tough and edgy, but it's still flattering since it seems to keep a nice tailored shape. Can't wait to try it on in person!! :)

Overall, i will say that I'm a little disappointed in their initial selection. It seems to be all basics and not the fantastic trendy items that ASOS is so well known for. For me at least, I think it all depends on what shows up over the next few weeks!

What do you guys think of the new line?

Yours, etc.

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