Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick Q&A :)

[img via fashiongonerouge]

What camera do you use?
Nikon DSLR--if you're in the market for an D/SLR, you should definitely check out B&H photography. A photography-savvy friend of mine from home swears by it, and the prices really are the lowest I can find anywhere!! 

Who takes your photos? Where do you take them?
The boyfriend takes all the photos of me, the photos of him are taken by me, and if there's a photo of me and the bf, it's most likely our friend M, who practically lives at our apartment. Our teeeeeny tiiiiiny apartment. All photos are taken in the Boston Metro area unless otherwise noted.

Do you edit your photos?
Usually just the indoor ones since they're usually too dark to see all the detail on the clothing. Or if it need to be cropped or something. I'm not that fancy. lol.

What size are you?
*GASP* you never ask a lady that question! jk. I'm a US 16/18, + or - a size given typical variances by brand.

How did you end up in Boston? How do you like it there?
I came to Boston for undergrad! I'm a graduate of the Boston University School of Management and I actually minored in the School of Hospitality, too. :)

Where's your favorite place to shop and where do you online shop?
Oh geez, I shop everywhere. I love going to H&M (if you can't tell already) since they're styles are always fresh and the prices are pretty amazing! I also love to hit up Nordstrom (FAVE dept store--they carry my beloved iT! jeans!!!) and American Eagle for my spring/summer Cali-girl classics. I love online shopping at all the sample sale sites (ideeli, hautelook, gilt, etc) but sometimes they're sizing is tough for fuller figured women. Always a good resource for high end accessories though! :) Another site I go to all the time to window shop is They always have a ton of designer bags at great prices. Still out of my budget, but when I make the plunge, that's where it'll be! As usual, I'm constantly browsing the Faith21 section of F21, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, and DEFINITELY Asos Curve!! <3

How do you find stuff at H&M? I think I'm pretty close to your size and I never find clothes at stores like H&M that actually fit me. Looks like you find a lot there! Maybe I just have bad luck!
All you really have to do is this: completely disregard the size tag. just because it's marked a 14 doesn't mean it will not fit an 18/20. Similarly, just because it is marked a 16 doesn't mean it'll look great on a 14. H&M has a ton of great over-sized pieces, that plus size women can make work for their bodies. Just because something is meant to fit a size 8 like a dress doesn't mean a size 16 can't wear it like a tunic. yaknowhatimsayin? Also, pay attention to fabric and cut. If an empire waist top has smocking in the back and is made of stretchy forgiving fabric, try it on. Or, if a slub T is drapey and cut large, grab one and at least check it out. :) For this in particular, PATIENCE IS KEY.

You used to write a lot more content--why did you stop? Do you think you'll start again?
I wasn't sure people were even reading! lol, I guess you were? I really didn't want to be regurgitating the same thing as every other blogger--I mean really, how many bloggers covered the Gabby and Monique on the Oscars Red Carpet, or the V Mag and Elle France plus size issues? I don't want to waste my time with posts my readers have already seen elsewhere. I also wanted to showcase my personal style a little bit more since my favorite blogs to read are the ones full of outfits and inspiration! :) If you guys want though, let me know and I'll try to integrate content posts into my blog again! :)

What sizes are you going to have in your e-shop? When are you going to open up?!
The shop will have a bunch of different sizes that at some point fit me, or I wish fit me. There are a ton of new shoes that I absolutely fell in love with and purchased even though they were too small--into the shop they go! Also, I'm notorious for buying clothes that I never end up wearing because of one thing of another. Most of the time I can't think of what to wear it those are heading into the shop as well! Also, I'll be opening soon, I promise! I'll be home in California for a week, but getting the shop up and running is the next project on my list! :)

Yay! Sorry this took so long to get finished! If there are any other questions just let me know--I love hearing from you guys! :)

Yours, Etc.

bad weather sucks.

 Once again in front of this brick wall since it's pouring outside and there is no way I'm risking the life of my camera by bringing it out into the rain.

Yup. This is definitely the dress I said I would wear during a nicer day so you could see the detail. Looks like that didn't really happen, but at least here you can see the draping!

I love pairing my military-ish looking things with girly touches--pink dress, bow ring, ribbon and heart sparkly earrings. You can also see the pitch-black mani that will NOT be well-received by the parents. lol.

lol. BYE GUYS! I'm off to pack for CALIIIII. Leaving tomorrow and must resist bringing my entire closet.

[ :: H&M pink faux-wrap dress :: H&M leggings :: Jeffrey Campbell boots :: GAP parka thing :: TW bag :: ]
[ : rings and earrings from Japan :: bracelets from NY & ideeli :: ]

Yours, Etc.

P.S. I'll should still be posting from Cali (possibly with better photos?? the bff is an awesome photographer!) so keep an eye out! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

say you'll stay

[ :: Ann Taylor shirt dress :: BR trench :: Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots :: woven leather clutch :: ]
[ :: Nordstrom &F21 bracelets :: Urban earrings :: ]

I'm fully expecting people to hate on these boots. I love them though. Plus, they're ridiculously comfortable. I can't wait until the weather permits me to wear these with shorts, my mesh-y floral pink H&M top, and an army green parka. No lie, I totally planned to wear this shirt dress with my classic black pointy toe pumps, but I just threw the boots on when I found out they were delivered and ran out for a test drive.

Either way, it was way too cold for this outfit. Went home and changed into the penguin print pajamas I've had since high school. 

Yours, Etc.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post! It means a ton to me to hear feedback from you guys. :) I'll try to keep the posts frequent! Also, glad to hear some of you are looking forward to the shop! The new clothes I could never fit into deserve a happy loving home. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

there's a mini celebration going on in my head

[ :: H&M striped shirt & shorts :: Alfani gold bow wedges :: Dooney & Bourke regatta bag :: ]
[ :: misc bracelets & necklace :: gold bow headband from Japan :: ]

Hooray! 100 followers! Thank you guys! :) Especially to those of who read regularly and comment--I may be super slow about getting back to people's Q's, but I heart you guys! :) As a thank you, I'll be hosting a giveaway as soon as I figure out something to get! What would you guys like as a giveaway? Jewelry? A bag? Something else? I'm open to suggestions!

Similarly, what would you guys like to see more of on this blog? Photo-wise, content-wise, etc? :)

On another note, I'm going to be MOVING to California soon for family reasons. Thus, I'll likely be opening up a CurvyGirlChic e-shop to whittle down my massive closet. (No joke, I have 40 pairs of jeans even though I only wear like.. 5 of them. Most of them have tags still a pair of size 31 Joe's jeans I convinced myself I'd someday be able to fit into. Not. A Chance.) I also have a freaking TON of shoes that I've never worn before since I stupidly fell in love with them and bought the only sizes available (always a size too small).
Let me know if this is something you all would be interested in seeing! :)

Thanks! I can't wait to hear some feedback! :)

Yours, Etc.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

forget love, i'd rather fall in chocolate.

[ :: H&M zipper dress :: Banana Republic trench :: OSP lace panel leggings :: ]
[ :: Torrid boots :: Ora bag :: Tiffany&Co bangle and NY&Co braclets :: ]

My outfit was all about comfort today since I had a ton of errands to run. (OH! Sara and Gabi, your packages are in the mail and on their way! :) ) Got the lace panel leggings since I'm sad to say, I'm not quite ready for the full-on lace ones. Also wearing the H&M dress that reminds me of cargo pants for no apparent reason. Which I also plan on wearing with my new shoes when they arrive!! :D

[ :: Jeffrey Campbell Mayhem Wedges :: ]
Aren't they amazing?! I'm completely in love with them. Even paid the extra $10 for 2 day shipping! 
I hope they fit!! *fingers crossed*

Anyway! Isn't the doggie in the top photos SO CUTE?!?! He was so nice and fluffy and clean and soft! Or so I thought until the owner walked over and told me that her dog always goes for girls in black tights and leggings...specifically to get dog hair all over them. Then, when he scampered off I realized he had drooled all over my new leggings. *sigh* I feel like I'm constantly being outsmarted by four-legged creatures.

Yours, Etc.

Monday, March 22, 2010

misty monday

[ :: H&M pink faux wrap dress :: LB oversized blazer :: H&M leggings :: Divine studded booties :: ]
[ :: Isabella Fiore bag :: F21 cuff :: H&M leather headband :: ]

Hmmm. Sorry the photos are blurry. The mist + low light = poor detail capture.
I wish you guys could see this outfit in person. The dress is pinker and has more detail (really cute drapey front) than is visible in the photos, and the shoes have such awesome studding. Considered going elsewhere for more photos, but it was cold, rainy, misty, and I'd already walked 1.5 miles in these heels. 

Note to self: Do NOT wear new 4" heels to walk to Chinatown and back. However comfortable they may seem in your apartment, it's a BAD idea. Now go clean something.

Yours, Etc.

P.S. Still taking Q's for the Q&A post coming up! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

take me away

[ :: H&M elephant shirt :: Banana Republic blazer :: AE skirt :: Torrid boots :: ]
[ :: Coach bag :: Urban earrings :: Forever21 bracelet :: ]

It's cold again. Sad beans.

It's okay though--I'm wearing my favvvvvorite shirt! It's got a big screen-printed batik-inspired elephant on it. :) Super comfy and a little bit sheer. Perfect! Plus, it was only $12.95. Score.

Sorry about the lack of outfit posts over the last couple days! Honestly, it was too nice out to expend effort taking photos. lol. Laid around in the sun near the harbor and did NOTHING. Got to wear my favorite white dress and new denim jacket though! In retrospect, should have taken at least one photo. Oops.

Also, I'm hoping to get a Q&A section or post up soon, so please please leave your questions in the comments section and I'll get on it! If you don't want to leave it there, you can email me at or tweet me at @CurvyGirlChic. Thanks! :)

Cali in 9 days and counting! :D

Yours, Etc.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

and the winner is....

Congratulations ladies! Sara, you won the Z Cavaricci jeans, Gabi, you've got the Graduate Skinnies! Please email me your shipping addresses within the week! :)

Also, I'd love if you two would send me photos of yourselves in the jeans--I'd love to see how you styled them and to post them on the blog! :)

To all other entrants, thanks so much for participating!! I'm planning another giveaway soon--one that's more multi-size-friendly, so keep your eyes peeled!!! :)

Yours, Etc.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

shield your eyes

[ :: H&M garden collection dress :: H&M mini :: pink headband :: ] 
[ :: Aldo sunnies and boots :: Coach bag :: ]

Went to Revere Beach with the bf since he's never been. It's nice and all, just don't go in the water! It may look blue in the photos but it's really a strange murky brown. lol. I'm also actually wearing a mini under the dress since it was windy out and I didn't want any flashing/mooning accidents, lol. 

Anyway, I was so incredibly self conscious wearing this dress out today! I don't typically wear bright colors, and DEFINITELY not a mishmash of bright floral colors like this! I live in the black-suit-filled Financial District so just walking around in this was garnering unrelenting stares. Oh well. I think they just wished they weren't at work considering it was 70 degrees and sunny! Perfect weather. :)

Going home to Cali in 11 days! So excited.

Yours, Etc.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy er... Evacuation Day?

[ :: yoursclothing studded dress :: Torrid boots :: Isabella Fiore bag :: ]

Changed from my day outfit into this for our last minute dinner plans! (If you live in the Boston Area, GO TO No. 9 Park at some point. Preferably during Restaurant Week since it's cheaper, but GO. Best foie gras EVER.

 Anyhoo! Finally got my yoursclothing dress taken in! Yay! Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! I don't actually own anything green in my wardrobe...aside from underwear, it is. Oh, and, excuse my drunkface in the 2nd photo. I promise I didn't have anything before dinner!

Yours, Etc.