Friday, March 12, 2010

Torrid Shoe Review! Take Two.

Came back from my random foray into the wilderness to find a huge box of items from Torrid! Yayyy :) Here goes Shoe Review #2!

Sand Faux Suede Cuffed Wedge: $39

These shoes are SO INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE. I could easily imagine spending the day shopping in these! Plus, the fact that it's a wedge means that it adds a lot of sexy height while remaining completely walkable! My primary complaint is that the faux suede in this color tends to look dirty rather quickly even after being brushed. Also, since the cuff isn't adjustable, once again, it's too loose and my foot slides around a bit. Last but not least, there seem to be some air pockets under the faux suede...the material puffs up noticeably particularly due to the light color of the suede. Overall though, definitely recommend this shoe! Especially if you're considering it in black!

I really want to love this shoe. It's sexy, a perfect stiletto height, and the crinkled material is a nice touch. BUT, I can't. the criss-cross vamps are supposed cut to accommodate a wide foot, but my foot just barely fits. I absolutely wouldn't recommend this for someone with a very wide foot!And once again, the cuff around the ankle is too large, making for an unstable heel--on me at least. (And I'm a seasoned high heelist!)

I can't seem to find this shoe on Torrid's website, but here they are! This shoe is great! It's comfortable, eye-catching, and easy to walk in. My only concern is that the platform seriously diminishes the space for your toes! Also marketed as a shoe for wider feet, this shoe feels more like a medium at first wear. I'm sure the vamp will stretch out with some breaking in though! :) This pair gets a big 10 from me! :)

Overall, I really liked the designs of these shoes. Each pair has little edits I would have made--wider vamps, a more stable heel, and adjustable straps on the cuffs, but these are all great pairs of shoes. When you're shopping for shoes at Torrid, I recommend finding pairs that have adjustable straps, and if you have any questions, to call their customer service or email their stylists! They've been a great help and they're always friendly! :)

Yours, Etc.

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