Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The actual book

The book arrived today. I took a picture so that I'm holding it to let you see the size. The print quality is good and my only grumble is that the insides of the covers are white although the background on the front and back covers and all pages is black, but it's a minor issue.

The preview below shows some pages from various parts of the book. The spreads are not shown correctly in the preview as it shows odd pages on left and even pages on right and it should be just the other way round.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


[ :: Rachel Zoe faux fur vest :: Gap T :: iT! skinnies :: Melody's Addiction earrings :: ]
[ :: Mulberry for Target bag :: Torrid boots :: ]

I wore this outfit to the photoshoot with Swak Designs a couple weeks ago. A few photos are now up if you want to take a look! :) The ladies were so fabulous to work with--thanks for such a fun day! :)

I'm borderline obsessed with this RZ faux fur vest--I want to wear it for any and everything but it's unbelievably warm. That's okay though. That makes this vest perfect for the recent super cool days and trips to the refrigerated section of the grocery store or the always freezing movie theater. It's so soft, too!

Anyway, I'm currently blogging from my hotel room in Taipei. It's pouring out (late typhoon season) and there's an eerie gloominess out that makes me want to live in a nest of down blankets and super poofy hotel pillows. Perfect.

Yours, Etc.

Sonsi FFFWeek(end)™ Update!

Hey loves!

Sonsi Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™ is just 8 days away! I'm so excited to attend as a member of the Curvy Collective and am so looking forward to meeting everyone! We're also hosting a panel discussion that I hope everyone can attend--The State of the Curvy Community will be addressing "the current state of the plus-size community and the significance of Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™, through the eyes of the industry’s leaders, bringing different perspectives from various experiences and points of view."

The panel includes some amazing people--Sharon Quinn (The Original Runway Diva), Reah Norman (PLUS Model Mag), Heinrich Saint-Germain (Judgment of Paris), Kelly Price (R&B Artist), and Judge Karen Mills-Francis. Can't wait to see this passionate group of people in action! :)

The discussion will take place at 6:00pm Friday October 29th--hope you can all make it! :D Tickets can be found here!

Yours, Etc.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Fashion Doll Shoes book

The book is ready. I've been going through the text over and over again after making the corrections suggested by the proofreader, but I finally decided that further editing would not improve it. I ordered my copy today and after I have received it and made sure there are no problems, I will make the book available in Blurb.

The book covers will look like this:

Suomenkielinen versio tulee saataville myƶhemmin.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day to Night

[ :: Faith21 dress :: Calvin Klein satin tuxedo blazer :: Forever21 miumiu k.o.'s :: ]
[ :: Isabella Fiore studded bag :: ]

I've been looking for a nice tuxedo-style blazer for ages now! Finally found this one by Calvin Klein and had to have it! It's perfectly structured, just stretchy enough, and subtly glamor of the satin material makes it perfect. I've also been dying to post this dress since I picked it up at the F21 in Vegas! I love how...PURPLE it is. And so swishy!

A bunch of readers asked me to comment on the blue Torrid boots in the last post--yes, they're incredibly comfortable! I'm used to wearing super high heels, so this pair, with its 3-ish inch heel, is super doable. I walked around all day, and didn't have a problem! The calf is also very comfy and slouchy, but structured enough where it isn't constantly falling down. And, I must say, the color is gorgeous. and unexpected.

Yours, Etc.

P.S. I managed to snag a couple of the Mulberry for Target bags! I love the ones I picked (pebbled faux leather tote and mini crossbody) and was planning on doing a giveaway but it seems like the consensus on Twitter is that people aren't loving it. Should I still host the giveaway?? Don't want to waste people's time with and item no one is interested in!

Monday, October 11, 2010

which blue blue blue are you

[ :: H&M dress :: Gap vest :: Torrid boots :: Isabella Fiore bag :: ]

You'll have to excuse the grassy wetness on the boots. I somehow managed to walk through the only mushy/wet/nasty patch of grass next to the park. Oh well, they've since been cleaned and snazzied back up to their original state! :) It also started pouring right as we finished snapping a few pics so I guess luck was kinda/sorta/maybe on our side.

I'm having a bit of a vest moment right now. I wish I had snagged some outfit shots of the look I wore to shoot with Swak Designs last week. I finally had a chance to bust out my awesome faux fur vest! :) Will definitely post the look when I get the time to snap a few shots. I will also be posting the shots from the shoot as soon as I get the OK. Can't wait!! :D

Yours, Etc.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i pity the fool that falls in love with you

[ :: Faith21 top and skirt :: Forever21 bag :: Torrid heels :: Modcloth octopus ring :: ]

 More sequins. Cause, you know. I like sparkly things.

Are you guys having as much of a sequin moment as I am?? I can't seem to get enough!

Yours, Etc.

Friday, October 1, 2010

More cardboard stuff

Cardboard proved to be interesting material, so I had to experiment a bit more. Here are shoe soles for Jessica Rabbit (who has Tonner's Athletic Body with high heel feet). These are similar to the Barbie and Monster High shoes, except for the curved part in the heel.

Here the soles have been painted with gold paint.

I decided to make the insoles the same way as for the orange silk shoes. The main thing with these is to make sure there is glue only in the parts that go under the insoles, so the fabric stays neat. Also, be careful when cutting the triangular flaps. There should be no cut edges visible on the sides of the insoles.

I glued little loops for the straps. When you do it this way, you can glue the insoles to the outer soles before putting the straps in place, which makes things easier. Also, you can change the straps to different ones at any point, so you get a very versatile pair of shoes this way.

Finally, here are the finished shoes. You can vary the material, length and positioning of the straps to get different results.

sunset shots

photos by bf :: accessories shot by me

[ :: toto collection dress gifted by Voluptuous Boutique :: Isabella Fiore bag :: Wanted heels :: ]
[ :: Voluptuous Boutique ring (had to buy it when I saw it in Vegas!) :: Banana Republic necklace:: ]

During Viva Fat Vegas, Patty and Juan Barba of Voluptuous Boutique were kind enough to let us bloggers run wild in their store, shopping, taking photos, and having an awesome time. They also gifted each of us an item from their store and I chose this awesome bustled hem dress. I love how voluminous and swishy it is. I also bought the ring pictured--so in love with the large stones and hammered metal!

Quick shopping tip for those heading to Voluptuous--sizes are on the junior size, so pick up a size larger than you'd normally grab! Also, almost everything in the store is under $30. WIN.

Thanks, Juan and Patty, for a fabulous time! :D

Yours, Etc.