Friday, October 1, 2010

sunset shots

photos by bf :: accessories shot by me

[ :: toto collection dress gifted by Voluptuous Boutique :: Isabella Fiore bag :: Wanted heels :: ]
[ :: Voluptuous Boutique ring (had to buy it when I saw it in Vegas!) :: Banana Republic necklace:: ]

During Viva Fat Vegas, Patty and Juan Barba of Voluptuous Boutique were kind enough to let us bloggers run wild in their store, shopping, taking photos, and having an awesome time. They also gifted each of us an item from their store and I chose this awesome bustled hem dress. I love how voluminous and swishy it is. I also bought the ring pictured--so in love with the large stones and hammered metal!

Quick shopping tip for those heading to Voluptuous--sizes are on the junior size, so pick up a size larger than you'd normally grab! Also, almost everything in the store is under $30. WIN.

Thanks, Juan and Patty, for a fabulous time! :D

Yours, Etc.

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