Thursday, March 4, 2010

there's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold

[ :: Pure Energy oversize chain top :: H&M rose pink skirt :: Banana Republic blazer :: BP leggings :: ]
[ :: Uniqlo socks :: Cynthia Rowley bag :: smoke gray chandelier earrings :: BR braided chain bracelet :: ]
[ :: Dolce Vita Vince ankle booties :: ]

These babies are a solid 5 inches high with a wimpy 1/2 inch platform. we're talking walking on tiptoes here! I won't be going out for walks in these. These are definitely more of a "cab everywhere" sort of shoe. I love the lace-up front, double zippers, and triple buckles! It's like dominatrix-ed out ankle booties. I love them!

Anyway, the quote of the day is courtesy of my boyfriend: 

"You have a lot of shoes. The world is going to hell and those shoes aren't going to save you--cans of beans will. I think we should initiate the shoes for beans project."

Yours, Etc.

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