Thursday, March 18, 2010

shield your eyes

[ :: H&M garden collection dress :: H&M mini :: pink headband :: ] 
[ :: Aldo sunnies and boots :: Coach bag :: ]

Went to Revere Beach with the bf since he's never been. It's nice and all, just don't go in the water! It may look blue in the photos but it's really a strange murky brown. lol. I'm also actually wearing a mini under the dress since it was windy out and I didn't want any flashing/mooning accidents, lol. 

Anyway, I was so incredibly self conscious wearing this dress out today! I don't typically wear bright colors, and DEFINITELY not a mishmash of bright floral colors like this! I live in the black-suit-filled Financial District so just walking around in this was garnering unrelenting stares. Oh well. I think they just wished they weren't at work considering it was 70 degrees and sunny! Perfect weather. :)

Going home to Cali in 11 days! So excited.

Yours, Etc.


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