Thursday, October 20, 2011

tough love

[ :: City Chic dress :: Gap leather jacket :: Kenneth Cole clutch :: ]
[ :: Topshop booties :: Banana Republic necklace :: ]

Hey guys! :) I was lucky enough to be included in City Chic's second Blogger Lookbook. I'm wearing the Animal Corset Dress, and I absolutely love it! I'm not really a print-wearing kinda girl, but I love the subdued animal print on the slightly shimmery denim. :)

You can check out a bunch of other bloggers rock their City Chic pieces in the Blogger Lookbook here! :)

Anyway, I never figured myself for the obsessive type, but I'm strangely "dedicated" to finding all the elusive Missoni for Target collab pieces. I can't wait to share some of my finds with you guys! :D Word on the street is that they're planning to re-release items just in time for the holidays!
Sneaky sneaky, Target. Well played.

Yours, Etc.

P.S. Did you hear? CurvyGirlChic was mentioned in People Stylewatch's Nov 2011 issue! :D hehe! 

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