Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Italy Photo Diary

Hey guys! Just got back from vacationing in Italy, Turkey, and Greece! Being as scatterbrained as I am, I forgot to schedule my posts before I left, so real outfit posts will be coming soon, promise! >_< In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few photos from my trip. Our first stop was Italy, which was INCREDIBLE. We didn't stay nearly long enough! Since we only had a few days, we crammed in as many must-see places as possible. Hope you enjoy! :)
|| Click through for photos :) ||

[ :: St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City :: ]
So gorgeous! I could spend hours in there. Also went to the Sistine Chapel (!!). So amazing to see all the things I've only read about in books!

[ :: Spanish Steps, Rome :: ]

[ :: Trevi Fountain, Rome :: ]
Caeser's Palace didn't do this landmark justice. lol.

[ :: Pompeii, Italy :: ]
One of the eeriest places I've been. We got here super early and there was hardly anyone around!

[ :: Capri, Italy :: ]
My favorite stop in Italy! So beautiful. Can I retire here? I'll sleep outside Miu Miu if I have to.

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