Friday, February 1, 2013

Shopping Spotlight: Plus Size Lingerie Picks

It's February!  And as much as you may try to convince me that Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday crafted by card companies to boost sales, I really don't care. *flips hair* Not like we should need a holiday to celebrate love, but it never hurts to give our significant others a little push in the right direction. ;)

I don't usually cover lingerie on my blog, but with Valentine's Day rolling around, my email has been absolutely bombarded with some of the cutest lingerie sets EVER(!!!), so I figured I'd share my favorites in case you guys are looking for some new underpinnings! ;) I tend to use this holiday as an excuse to invest in some cute new sets, so I figured I couldn't be alone. :P I mean really, how amazing is that mint babydoll from Cacique?!

Plus size lingerie picks for Valentine's Day from Cacique, Torrid, and Hips and Curves
Shop the looks here!
♥ Which ones are your faves? Are you picking up something new for Valentine's Day? :) 

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