Friday, February 21, 2014

Closet Cleanout and an Intro to Swapdom!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught on that I recently moved into a new place (YAY!). What's not so awesome, is that during the move, I tragically lost about half of my closet space (life is hard, lol), so a thorough closet cleanout was necessary in a major way. While I was flipping through my clothes, I realized just HOW MUCH of my wardrobe never actually gets worn! I'll fall in love with something, buy it, and one or two wears later, it's banished to the corners of my closet to die in favor of something new.
I'm terrible, I know.

Given my terrible shopping habits, I'll often end up with clothing that isn't worn more than a couple times but is still cute, current, and in perfect condition. In the past, these items have just sort of sat around (sometimes for years) until I decide to wear them again, or ended up at Goodwill during a move or closet purge. I hate feeling like I've wasted money buying clothes I rarely wear, so when Swapdom reached out to me about their swapping site, I was intrigued!
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All you have to do is sign up, make a public profile (check mine out here), and start listing items. When you come across something you want, just make a request, and Swapdom does the rest to arrange the perfect swap. All you have to pay for is shipping. Genius, right?!

I've got four pieces up right now, including this lace dress from Kiyonna (I love it but it's a little too long for me!) and this crocheted tunic. Hopefully someone can give these pieces a good home! :)

What do you guys think? Is Swapdom a service you can get behind?

*This post was sponsored by Swapdom but all opinions are my own! So yes, I do really love this concept and can't wait to start swapping!



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