Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Yokoo on Etsy

My sister and had I discussed infinity scarves the last time I visited her in New York--we had come to the conclusion that they are absolutely ingenious and completely indispensable. Thus, my hunt for the perfect one began.

I came across Yokoo while searching through Etsy, one of my favorite sites for handmade originals. Her pieces are on the expensive side, but they're absolutely gorgeous, high quality, and so incredibly one of a kind, making them totally worth the splurge. Also, I absolutely love how her quirky style works with these pieces--she models them all herself! Take a look:

White Lightning Combo in Grey: $135

This gorgeous set comes with a huge cozy cowl and an adorable Minnie Bow (which is actually a headband). Since everything is made to order, you can choose which of her 25 available colors you would like the pieces!

Isn't the bow cute? I would wear it off to one side of my head for a super girly look!

The Vermont Snuggler: $50

This is Yokoo's most affordable piece. The color of this snuggler can also be customized, and it looks like it can loop around twice comfortably!

For those of your looking for gifts, this is a fabulous and stylish option!
The New Yorker: $90

If I'm not mistaken, that is one GIANT cowl--full of drama and awesomeness!

I would stack one of these on top of my winter coat when it's freezing out of a thick layer of extra warmth!

Circle scarves are such a great option for cold places because you never need to pull your hands out of your pockets to fix a flyaway scarf!

The Soopa Scarf in Pony Grey: $150

If you aren't a fan of circle scarves or "snoods,” but love Yokoo's designs, the Soopa scarf is perfect!  The knitting of this scarf is identical to many of her cowls but is structured similarly to your typical scarf.

The only difference?

This one is 8 FEET LONG., which is perfect if you're looking for something to protect yourself from the elements!

Woodsy Brown Cowl: $110

I splurged and bought this cowl as a gift to myself for the holidays! I customized it and went with a gorgeous and vibrant navy color instead of brown--I think it will look fabulous with my winter coats!

Fully extended, this cowl is about thigh/knee length, so I'm expecting this to be so fun to play with and style! Can't wait to receive it!

Braided Chain in Pony Grey: $75

Also available in the Yokoo Etsy shop are whimsical pieces like this Braided Chain! This is absolutely adorable and so original--I would get this in a bright color like cranberry or burgundy and loop it around once to give a simple outfit some interest!

Yokoo Yarn Color Chart

These are the gorgeous colors her items are available in. Gorgeous, aren't they? The navy, forest green, burgundy, and cranberry are my favorites!

Are you guys head-over-heels with this designer like I am? I adore the quirkiness and originality of her designs and I hope you lovely readers do as well!

As is usually the case with items on Etsy, all items are handmade. Thus it takes 2 to 3 weeks to make each item, so if you plan on purchasing one as a gift, order early. Support handmade!

Yours, etc.

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