Friday, April 6, 2012

Shopping Spotlight: Contrast Trim Trench Coat

The Kate Spade 'Topliner' trench is perfection in my eyes. Its black trim, perfectly oversized and rounded lapels, and attention to detail (you can't see it here but the lining is a gorgeous Florence Boardhurst pattern that I've used as the border here) are the stuff of dreams. While I'm hardly the type to spend $700 on a jacket (I typically save that sort of investment $$ for bags), I would totally make an exception for this trench.

Kate Spade Topliner trench coat and plus size alternative

Unfortunately, the 'Topliner' trench goes up to a 14, a few sizes shy of what I wear. Given the fact that I can't remember the last time I was a 14 (maybe what, middle school??), I started searching for a suitable alternative. I came across the Piped Trench by So Fabulous and while it certainly isn't a perfect match, it works. I would probably swap out the included belt for different one (maybe a black one?) to increase the contrast, but at less then 1/10th of the price of the 'Topliner," this coat is a pretty good alternative.

Another option is to take Jessica Quirk's advice and make my own! ;) With my limited sewing skills though...I might just end up with a ruined trench, a pile of tangled trim, and throbbing fingertips.

What do you ladies do when you fall in love with a design that doesn't come in your size? Shop for alternatives? Make it yourself? DIET? (Just kidding! Don't yell at me.) I want to know!

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