Thursday, July 11, 2013

Miscellaneous stuff

I haven't done anything new for a while, but there are some things from last year that I haven't posted yet. First pair is Monster High wedges made of Cernit/Fimo and some lace. The method of making the soles is the one explained in this blog post. These are very simple shoes with just the wedge soles, insoles made of cardboard and leather, and some lace.

I made these shoes specifically for the Grayscale Frankie and you can see her wearing them in the story The Not So Grim Reaper.

The next two are variations of the Leopard print shoes for Monster High dolls.

The last Monster High pair is made of what was left of the card-woven band I used for Nefera's shoes.

Finally, there's the first pair I've ever made for a Novi Stars doll, in this case, Una Verse. I made these to go together with a dress I crocheted for the doll using the same sewing threads as in the card-woven bands. Otherwise, they're just leather, cardboard, and pieces of wood for heels.

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