Wednesday, September 7, 2011


[ :: Carmakoma blazer :: H&M tshirt :: DIY ombre cutoffs :: Asos boots :: Michael Kors bag :: ]
[ :: Forever21 necklace :: Evans bangle :: ]

White after Labor Day! Global warming totally negates that outdated rule though, right? Because it's definitely still in the 80's and 90's here in Cali. Also, the blazer is actually a light blush tone that I'm absolutely in LOVE with, primarily because of how much it reminds me of CĂ©line (the French design house, not the Canadian, fabulous though she is).

Also, I finally got around to DIYing these shorts I tweeted about a while ago! I know I'm super late on the trend, but I'm pretty sure these are going to be essential on my trip to Thailand. It was really easy, too! I just grabbed an old pair of jeans that were a little too loose for my liking, and cut the legs off (I used my H&M shorts to figure out what angle and length to cut at). Then, I made some 2 to 1, water to bleach solution, dipped my newly shorn shorts in, and waited! FOREVER. lol. Then I got kinda bored and started splashing upward and adding water for a more subdued effect than the Dries Van Noten pants that inspired this little hack job.

What do you think? :D Any other DIYs you recommend? I rather like getting crafty!

Yours, Etc.

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