Friday, February 10, 2012

H&M+ is here!

I don't usually write much on plus size fashion news, but think this is definitely worth sharing...

H&M+ has finally launched in the US!

H&M's BIB (Big is Beautiful) line was recently revamped to HM+ and launched in the US! The line will include styles in sizes 14-24, and only be carried in select stores. (EDIT* You CAN in fact search online which stores will have it! Their store locator has a dropdown where you can filter which categories you want to search for.) I'm also expecting it to be available online when their US online shopping website launches in the fall.

In their own words, "Following the success of last year’s Inclusive collection, H&M was inspired to extend parts of the main line to include all sizes. So this Spring, H&M+ makes its debut – bright, colorful and stylish pieces that go effortlessly with your everyday wardrobe. Some of our favorite items include a silky color-blocked pink blouse, striped tunics and a versatile navy parka. With H&M+, we want to celebrate every confident and fashionable woman around the world!"

Here a few items that H&M has indicated will be included in their plus size line:

First impression? Cute. I really like the camel/pink t-shirt. So perfect for spring! The parka is kinda "eh" but I imagine that there will be some really cute, standout pieces. I can't wait to see what other goodies they'll have! Trying not to get my hopes up but I can't help it! :P If anything, it's about time someone gave Forever21+ a run for its money!

So tell me, will you be shopping H&M+ in store? Better yet, has anyone already seen the new stuff? I'm dying to know!

***UPDATE: The 3 stores closest to me will NOT be carrying the plus size line. Way disappointing. Just like Forever21, I'm thinking that they're placing the plus size line at smaller, lower traffic locations. So lame. Either way, I'll be out there this weekend to check out the line and I'll report back! :D Can't wait!

Yours, Etc.

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