Wednesday, January 5, 2011

cloak and dagger

...minus the dagger.

[ :: Asos cape :: Forever21+ petal top and sequin skirt :: BP tank :: Steve Madden heels :: ]
[ :: Loft belt :: F21 lady bag :: drugstore hair-tie :: ]

Yes, that's a hair-tie on my wrist. I'm starting this awesome new trend, you see. Soon, everyone will be hoarding these, not unlike the horizontal cross rings seen on every blogger known to man!

.....totally just kidding. I forgot to take it off for photos and didn't realize it till I was going through these. Can you blame me for keeping it there though?? It's just so darn convenient for tying my hair up while being super Asian and eating a bowl of noodle soup on my lunch break. my bad, fashion gods.

Onto the fashion! Love the cape. It's almost scarily large so I belted it through the armholes. *GENIUS*
Actually, not so genius. The belt made it decidedly more difficult to buckle my seatbelt without looking like a total jackass. Or you know, do anything without looking like a total jackass.
Oh well! I got to feel what it's like to be that dinosaur from Toy Story. lol. 
"I have a BIG HEAD and LITTLE ARMS!" ha.ha.ha.

Oh jeez I need sleep. Jet lag, you kill me.

Yours, Etc.

P.S. I'm frowning in that last shot because my bf said one of my photos made me look like evil. Something about my arm demonically coming out of nowhere. :( Boo him.

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