Monday, August 1, 2011

Shopping Spotlight: My-Wardrobe

A recent online search landed me on, a high-end e-commerce site based on the UK. They don't carry plus size clothing options but there are SO MANY gorgeous shoes and accessories that I'm dying to add to my wardrobe and accessories closet! :D Here are a couple of my favorite items:

I loooove these boots. How amazing would they look with shorts and an oversized white T or even a little black dress?? It's pretty amazing how neutral and versatile leopard print can be. At $285, they're definitely on the pricier side, but the quality looks amazing, making these boots a totally good buy.

Another fave from the my-wardrobe site is the Barbour messenger bag. The leather looks like it will only get better with tons of wear, which I find is the case with most designer brands such as Barbour--the more you wear it in, the softer and more personalized the bag gets! 

The nautical-y, shinny metallic weave of this oversized sweater is pretty much perfect. It would look just as amazing paired with skinny jeans and flats as it would paired with a frilly skirt and gorgeous heels! I've also coveted the Sam Edelman studded heels for ages but haven't bitten the bullet. Maybe they'll be a birthday present to myself! hehe :D Same goes for the equally gorgeous Anton Heunis necklace! Such a statement-maker.

Have any of you awesome readers shopped before??
I'm curious to know how their shipping and customer service is--either way, I'm super psyched about this site and just wanted to share! :D 

Yours, Etc.

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