Wednesday, July 7, 2010

watch me burn






[ :: H&M top :: HY&Co navy pencil skirt :: Torrid heels :: F21 sequin bow headband :: ]
[ :: F21 bracelet :: leather clutch whose brand I don't remember :: ]

Yessss sunshine. <3 It was rainy and gloomy the last 2 days here so when I woke up to a sunny morning today, I was ridiculously excited. :D

I snagged a bunch of pencil skirts from NY&Company a few weeks ago! They were on sale, and I used a $25 off $75 purchase coupon so my 4 skirts came out to something ridiculous like $50. Still have a shopping itch though--I think I'll make an Asos purchase soon....hehehe :D I restrained myself the last time, so I might have to cave this time around! ;P I'm still loving that asymmetric macramé top--so cute! And on sale now for $25. Such a steal.

Anyway, I'm already counting down the days until I return to Boston...I hate to admit it but I miss my bf! (And his awesome photography! hehe) Not mention, the rest of my closet is still there. I miss my clothes, lol! I also miss being walking distance from an H&M, Banana Republic, AE, Urban Outfitters, etc. Basically, it's a lot less convenient for me to shop in Cali! lol. Also, I need to go to Sel de la Terre and get the rosemary pomme frites at least two more times before I leave forever.

Mmmm, fries.

Yours, Etc.

P.S. What would you guys like to have as a giveaway item??? Tell me and I'll try to make it happen! :) 

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