Thursday, November 4, 2010

made for each other

[ :: Forever21+ chiffon top :: iT! skinnies :: Gap leather jacket :: ]
[ :: Mulberry x Target bag :: MaxStudio flats :: ]

I've been looking for a black leather jacket like this for ages now. Perfectly snug sleeves that are long enough, slim fitting body, with zippers and buckles. Love! Snagged it while Gap was having their 25% off your entire purchase thing. Woohoo! :D

Anyway, I'm in serious withdrawal of the East coast. I'm craving real Fall weather and this 90+ degree Socal crap just isn't cutting it right now. It's November for cryin' out loud! Although I might just be crabby because I wan't to wear this jacket everywhere and it just isn't cold enough! I think a trip to NYC is in order.

Yours, Etc.

P.S. I'm not using the actual giveaway bag! I bought more than one... hehe! :D The winner of the Mulberry x Target bag giveaway will get her own braaand new one! So enter! :)

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