Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leopard print Monster High shoes

Here is yet another pair of shoes for Monster High dolls. These are made of fabric and cardboard with little pieces of wood as heels.

I started by treating the fabric with sealer as it was cotton and not very thin. Sealer prevents the fabric from fraying, so there is no need to treat the edges in any other way. When the sealer had dried, I cut the main pieces, most of which are shown in the picture below. I also covered the heels with the treated fabric.

Next, I glued several layers of cardboard under the insoles to form the correct shape. This time, all the pieces (fabric and cardboard) were the same size as I planned to paint the parts of the edges that would remain visible. Then I glued the pieces with the ankle straps in place.

Then I cut the toe part uppers and glued them in place. I wanted something different, so I made the toe part closed this time.

I glued little pieces of leather on the bottom of the heels and cut off the excess fabric on top.

Then I glued the heels in place.

The closing mechanism for the ankle strap is simple. A bead on the other side...

...and a rubber band loop at the end of the strap.

Then I painted the parts of the sides where cardboard edges were visible and glued pieces of leather as outer soles.

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