Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kmart Fashion: Love Your Style, Love Your Size Recap and Review

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For the past couple weeks I've been reviewing a few pieces from the Love Your Style, Love Your Size collection from Kmart. Like I said in my first LYS review post, I was more than skeptical when I received the press release that Kmart was launching a younger, fresher, plus size line. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the styling of the lookbook and the designs themselves--nowhere in sight were the matronly prints and too-long skirts I associated with the retailer's existing lines. The samples they sent me further proved that not only did they get the look and design right, the quality far surpassed my expectations.

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Tiered Mini Skirt: $19.99 (price from lookbook--can't find it on the website yet!)
Pros: I love the cute print and the fabric is really nice and flowy!
Cons: Really short, even for me! (I have kinda short legs so that usually isn't a problem.) Also, runs a bit big!
Overall: Totally cute, and a great value at the price if you don't mind showing a little (or a lot) of leg!

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Printed Halter Blouse: $15.39
Pros: I love the subdued leopard print and the design details like the blouson effect and ruffled shoulders.
Cons: The front button gapes! No one wants to flash their coworkers! Also, the cut of the shoulders requires a strapless bra.
Overall: I would suggest this for people interested in a good work top as it looks super cute under blazers. If you're handy with a sewing kit, you might want to sew the front placket shut!

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Ombre Studded Dolman Top: $17.49
Pros: Love the design, and the quality is nice! I love the studded neckline and earthy colors.
Cons: The fit is a bit off--the banded bottom is partially elasticized but it isn't cut narrow enough to give a blouson effect. Also, the sleeves are on the tighter side! those who tend to carry weight up top (like myself) might find this top ill-fitting.
Overall: I looove the design of this top--it would look so cute on someone whose body shape properly fills it out! For it, it's just too loose at the bottom hem. I would consider getting it tailored to fit better, but that would cost just as much as the top!

In general, the line is one that I think you need to see in person to appreciate. Like all clothing lines, there are basics that border on boring, but there are also great, fashion forward pieces that I love and think will work great in the stylish curvy girl's wardrobe! Also, the quality for the price point is great. I definitely recommend putting aside any initial reactions and stopping by Kmart to check out the line. I, for one, am happy I did!

[ :: Just a few other pieces from LYS that I think are really cute! I'm 99% sure I'm going to get that blue ikat exposed zipper top! :D :: ]

Like any line, LYS has its flaws, but I'm happy to report that it really delivers on the design and quality-for-price front! So what do you think? Will you give Kmart's LYS line a shot?

Yours, Etc.

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