Saturday, May 15, 2010

candy coated clothing

[ :: Asos Curve dress :: H&M belt :: Gap braided gold sandals :: bag from japan :: ]
[ :: earrings from taiwan :: NY&Co bracelet :: ]

It took me forever to post this dress 'cause I wasn't sure what to wear underneath it. It's pretty sheer and I didn't want to pair it with leggings since it's so summery! While I was packing for Vegas, I found a short slip that I had chucked into a bin in the corner of my closet, and VOILA! haha. 

Anyhow! The dress is great and super comfortable--my only gripe is that it wrinkles suuuuper easily. I paired it with a white and gold belt since it's a little too much coral color all in one place for me, and kept it simple with my elephant earrings and gold hammered bracelets. Also wearing new nail colors! The mint green nails are kind of hard for me to get used to since I typically wear muted nail colors, but I like it for Summer. I'm in looove with the grey toe color--might be switching my hands to this color soon, lol.

Okay loves! Time to go make a dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting for the bf! His birthday is tomorrow! Yay :)

Yours, Etc.

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