Monday, May 17, 2010


[ :: H&M ruffled top :: AE denim shorts :: Asos Curve oversized blazer :: Topshop wedges :: ]
[ :: Forever21 wrapped multi-chain necklace and bow headband ::  trusty black clutch :: ]

Had a super late start to the day since both the boyfriend and I were recovering from last night...apparently after you graduate from college your alcohol tolerance plummets into nothingness. =X

Anyhow, I went in search of the perfect floaty/gauzy/sheer white top a couple days ago. Didn't find anything that fit my criteria but I ended up buying this purple top from H&M. I love the light chiffon-y ruffles! I'll probably be wearing this to death. Just like I'm wearing this Asos blazer to death, lol. Sorry for the repetition of pieces but it's either that or doing outfit posts less often! I tend to find a piece I love and wear it as often as possible.  hehe :P

Before I leave you lovelies, this is the cake I baked and decorated for the bf's birthday! :D

I stupidly forgot to put parchment paper down before frosting so the platter has a mess of frosting around the bottom. Oh well! It was tastyyy :)

Yours, Etc.

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