Monday, May 3, 2010

smoke and mirrors

[ H&M oversize stripe top & shorts :: Nordstrom heart necklace :: Cynthia Rowley Jen drawstring bag :: ]
[ :: Torrid & F21 bracelets :: Topshop metal insert heel boots :: ] 

YESSSS. I've been waiting for these shoes forever!! :D So excited to wear them! Of course, it was 90 degrees the day after I got them so I had to wait for the weather to chill out a bit before rocking them! :) Anyway, up top is basically what I've been wearing all weekend. It's been HOT, so I've been lazing around in loose tanks/tops and shorts all day, lol. Not much to photograph! :P

Anyway, these ankle boots are surprisingly comfortable given their height (5.75 inches!), but as I found with the other pair I purchased from Topshop, they run on the small side. These UK 8's are supposed to be a US10.5 and my 10W feet are definitely snug. So hot though. I can't wait to wear these with tights and dark skinnies when the weather is cold again! :D

OOOH, and to be totally off-topic, it's Marine week in Boston! =X Love me some men in uniform, LOL. The bf already gave me permission to go check them out! hahaha If you're around, go check them out at Gov't Center--they have big tanks and trucks and a really big gun thingy on display! lol. Plus, the guys are all really nice and chatty--you can tell they really know their stuff and like to talk about it! Doesn't hurt that they're really cute, too. ;)

Alrighty, I need to step away from the computer so I stop looking at the Evans and Asos websites...and Etsy! I'm pretty sure if I can't control myself, I'm going to be buying this soon (in gunmetal)...

Just sayin'. It's already in my shopping cart. Someone stop me.

Yours, Etc.

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