Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crystal Renn Walks for the Chanel Cruise Collection

I love Chanel, and I love Crystal Renn. I do NOT love how they look together. Aside from the first outfit (which I actually kind of love) with the classic Chanel top, denim skirt, and OTK boots, the looks are sort of...atrocious. I mean really, Renn looks like a cross between a Victorian and a pirate in her third look. Not cool.

As glad as I am that Uncle Karl included a "plus size" model into his show, I think that the problem remains the same as with other straight-size designers who've featured plus models--lack of understanding. Clothes don't hug and skim curvy women the same way that they hug or skim rail thin models. The second look explains quite a lot--boobies! Clearly that dress would make much more sense on a chestless model. On Renn, it makes her look like she has man-pecs.

Anyway, Enough bashing. I suppose this should be considered a win for the plus-size community, but I'm just sort of unimpressed. Regardless, the following of Chanel's Cruise Collection looks really did wow me.


I think Crystal would have looked 350,000 times better in any of these 4 outfits.
What do you ladies think? Anything to get excited about?

Yours, Etc.

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