Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A quick hello before I'm off again!

Hey lovelies! :)

I apologize for not having time to post the past few days! I was in Chicago hanging out with my favorite (and only) sister, and didn't have a second to catch my breath--it was amazing. OMFG HOT, but amazing. :)And, I witnessed a marriage proposal/acceptance on the Navy Pier ferris wheel! So adorable. Didn't shop because of the WTF11.50% sales tax, but was super tempted since we stayed right next to Magnificent Mile! hmph.

Now I'm back in Boston but I'm off to Columbus, OH  tomorrow afternoon for the Lane Bryant blogger conference!* :)

I am sooo excited about this since Lane Bryant was one of the first plus-size retailers I purchased from--and still one of my faves for professional, easy to wear clothing! (That grey boyfriend blazer is in constant rotation!) On the agenda are some awesome events--a preview of their fall and winter collections, shopping & a photo shoot with free clothes (woohoo!), a round-table conference about social media with the VP of Marketing, plus a Q&A session! Clearly, it's going to be a packed day--I can't wait! :D

Again, if you guys have any other questions for the LB big wigs, let me know! :D I will absolutely be your messenger! :)

Alrighty guys, I'm off to pack! The other LB bloggers are gonna think I'm nuts--I'm packing for 2+ months in Cali and Taiwan, so I'll probably look ridiculous with all my luggage. I'm not crazy, just moving, I promise! :P

Yours, Etc.


*Disclosure per FTC Regulations: Lane Bryant is paying all expenses for this trip. (Thanks LB! :D)

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