Thursday, April 21, 2011

Calvin Klein Plus Sizes on Ideeli!

[ :: My picks from ideeli's Calvin Klein sample sale! :: ]

I know I'm on a shopping ban, but I picked up the ruffled zip up top in poppy (top row, middle)! It technically won't be charged until it ships (which will be after the ban is over! lol) and I just can't say no to a pretty ruffle in a bold color! hehehe. :D

I really love the color palette Calvin Klein has been utilizing--the bright poppy colors are so perfect for Spring, and you can't help but smile when you see them! I've actually also been eyeing that printed dress for a while but I prefer a slightly lower neckline so I'm holding out for now! hehe :)
I'm not gonna lie though, their newly added free return shipping has me tempted! LOL
*EDIT: Apparently return shipping has always been free! This is why I love them.

As always, ideeli is a member's only sample sale site. You can sign up to shop via my invite link here!
Sign up and invite your friends--when they make a purchase, you get shopping credit! :)

Happy Shopping!
Yours, Etc.

P.S. I was totally not paid (or given free stuff) to write this post. I just have a big soft spot for ideeli since it was the first sample sale site to really listen and try to cater to plus size women! I it when retailers listen! Also, its twitter team is awesome, and it has great customer service. Yay!

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