Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bag Voyeurism

I don't really know what it is about sneaking a peak into someone else's's not like they're hiding baby toes or something in there--and yet, I always want to know! Is it just me? lol. Anyway, I was tagged to do a little bag voyeurism so here you go...

Isabella Fiore studded bag

[ :: Coach wallet :: iPhone :: keys with Marc by MJ keychains :: compact mirror :: ]
[ :: mini jewelry case for instant accessorizing <3 :: mini bvlgari perfume :: trusty umbrella :: ]
[ :: random peppermint from some dinner? ::  foldable hairbrush (BEST FRIEND.) :: ]
[ :: chapstick/gloss :: Shiseido moisturizer :: eye drops :: pen :: bobby pins :: cheap sunnies in expensive case :: ]
[[ :: Nikon DSLR...not shown for obvious reasons! <3 :: ]]

This is why I love big roomy bags! I carry so much crap around with me, haha. if shopping counts as cardio, does having a heavy bag count as weight lifting? :D

I won't tag you guys 'cause I'm horrible at responding to tags myself, but what do you guys haul around all day? Like I said, I'm curious! :D

Yours, Etc.

P.S. I know I'm so late to acknowledge, but a HUUUUGE thanks to Monique of Curves and Chaos for featuring me! Check out the mini-interview here! <333

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