Saturday, April 17, 2010


[ :: Pure Energy chain top :: H&M cardi :: AE skirt :: F21 bracelet :: Jessica Simpson heels :: ]
[ :: BP heart pendant :: Aldo bag :: ]

lol at my scraggly hair. Forgetting my umbrella tends to have that effect on it. Anyway, screwed around taking pictures for about 10 minutes before my kneecaps started to freeze off. Not suitable attire for this weather but I loooove wearing this outfit. Softest cardigan ever.

Black on black on black on white on black. Sounds like the majority of my clothing, lol. The heart pendant actually came off one of my other necklaces--I thought this top looked too boring without something extra dangling about so I just clipped it on! :) Oh, and the shoes are about 4 years old...I never really wore them but started again as I was finding stuff for the shop. They're 4.5 inches! And much easier to walk in than I remember. Yay for rediscovery! 

Anyway, a BIGGG thank you to everyone who checked out the shop and commented!! :D I really appreciate the feedback so I can make it easier to use and hopefully fill it with things you all are most interested in! :)
***UPDATE: More a few more pairs of shoes in the shop now! :)

Yours, Etc.

P.S. Giveaway! GO GO GO! :D

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