Monday, April 12, 2010

excessively bright on a somewhat gloomy day

[ :: H&M garden collection top :: iT! skinnies :: AE bracelets :: ]
[ :: Urban earrings :: Rebecca Minkoff steady satchel :: Coconuts embellished sandals :: ]

I've put this top on about 6 times since I've purchased it and always changed out of it before leaving the apartment. As  many of you guys know, I'm not really a bright floral-y person. Especially not this bright. Nor this floral-y. Anyway, I decided to finally balls up today and wear it out! :) It's really one of those articles of clothing I'm not so sure I love, but at $15, I can stand experimenting with it a little--I'm thinking it would look way better with some shorts and white shoes when weather finally permits again, or some more white to pick up the white in the background of the floral. We'll see! If all else fails, I'll just dye it black! lol.

What do you guys think? $15 well spent or should I have saved it for something cuter?

Yours, Etc.

P.S. The bf and I did this crazy scavenger hunt thing (I WAS SOOO WINDED FROM THE RUNNING! time to cut back on the unhealthy food lol...) JetBlue had going on in Boston today--and got free roundtrip tickets to anyone of their destinations out of Boston! Anyone have a good trip idea??? :)

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